5 Reasons You Need A Laptop Repair Service

How often do you drop your laptop? Have you spilt water on it or accidentally dropped it in the toilet? What about when your screen cracked and now there are big black and white lines going through it? These things happen to all of us, but we don’t always have a computer repair service right around the corner. That’s why we are here for you at PC-Dial-A-Fix. We can help with any issue that might come up with your laptop, no matter how small or large. So if you need a new battery, or maybe fixing up an old broken keyboard, give us a call! Our technicians will be able to diagnose what needs to be done and answer all of your questions so that everything is running smoothly again!

Below, we have listed 5 of the most common laptop repairs we have to carry out, hopefully, this will give you a heads up on what to look out for.

Randomly Shutting Down

The first thing to note is that your laptop should never just shut down, without being instructed to. Should this be happening with your laptop, it is more than likely a battery issue. Ensure it is being charged properly, we have all been there, working away and our laptop shutting down cause we forgot to switch the charger on. 

Alternatively, it could be a screen issue, especially if once the screen has gone off you can still hear the laptop ticking over. If this is the case it is usually a larger problem that needs fixing and you will more than likely need a laptop repair team.

Blue Screen

The blue screen of death is known by anyone who uses computers and laptops, it can be stressful when it happens but worry not. The blue screen is a mechanism built into a windows computer, it shuts your system down before it does serious damage. 

When this happens the screen will give you a notification telling you what is wrong with the laptop, from here you can either try to fix the problem yourself if you have some knowledge and understanding, if not please send it across to our team. We will be more than happy to help get your laptop back up and running.

Overheating All the Time

It is perfectly common for all laptops to get a little bit warm, especially when you use them on your lap you can feel the heat building up, when this happens we recommend shutting it down for a while, giving it a chance to recover from overheating. This takes around 20 minutes. 

You can purchase specific tables for your laptops to sit on whilst you work, these are much healthier for your laptops life span than sitting on your knee. If however, your laptop is heating up to the point of crashing your laptop, or enough to burn your skin, you must get it into our repair shop. It might not be safe.

Broken Screen

Broken screens can be extremely frustrating, even more so for our team, when customers get a laptop and break the screen, more often than not they will try and replace the whole laptop. Rather than just looking into getting the screen fixed. 

One of the main reasons to get your laptop screen repaired is depending on how it has been damaged it could potentially be dangerous to people using the laptop. Little shards can be quite sharp. 

Our team are able to crack open your laptop and replace the screen using specialist tools, so try not to panic when you do break your screen. Our team can help get it fixed as soon as possible.

 Keyboard Damage

One of the main reasons for keyboard issues is simply dirt. One of the first things to try is compressed air, these cans of air can blast any dirt and debris out of the nooks of your keyboard. This works especially well when you don’t have removable keys. On occasion, a broken keyboard might be something more serious, such as water damaged, damaged keys or broken wires. If this is the case you may need our help here at PC-Dial-A-Fix

Get In Touch With Us For More

If you’re experiencing any of these five laptop problems, it’s time to contact PC-Dial-A-Fix for a fast and affordable computer repair.  You can reach out to us by phone or email and we’ll quickly get back to you about our service options. We have technicians available 7 days a week, so there is always someone on hand to help when you need it most. Our expert team will be happy to answer all questions that come up during the process of repairing your machine, as well as provide useful advice on how best to keep it running smoothly in the future. With our skilled computer techs standing at the ready, don’t let another day go by without contacting PC-Dial-A-Fix!