Common Computer Faults and Repairs

When it comes to computer repairs, computer problems and faults can massively vary, from a simple fix to something that is more complex and time-consuming, either way, they all tend to be annoying and unwanted. Here at PC-Dial-A-Fix, we take a look at the most common computer and PC problems and issues:

Smashed or Broken Laptop Screen

When it comes to broken PC, computer and laptop screens, there’s a number of reasons why these may occur. When considering laptops that have streamlined casings, they can be cracked or completely smashed very easily. It’s a frequent issue that we see quite often, so there’s no need to worry as we are very experienced in fixing this problem. Most screens can be repaired or replaced, we offer a range of smashed or broken laptop screen repair services and they cover most computer makes and models.

No Display

In some broken computer or laptop cases it may be the actual screen or monitor that’s not showing what it should be. Sometimes it may just be showing a completely black screen, you may need a replacement screen or sometimes we will be able to fix the defective screen.

Computer Overheating

Over time, both dust and debris may build up, it can compound itself inside the laptop casing or the computer tower, this will do two things – block the airflow that the computer needs to stay cool. Or act as a natural insulator, this will be so that the parts inside your computer are warmer. The cause of overheating could also be the internal fan, the internal fan will be in place to help keep the components cool, it may be at fault or could have stopped working. This issue can be fixed but new computer components will be required.

Unexpected Freezing or Crashing

When it comes to your computer crashing or freezing we understand that there’s nothing more annoying than trying to get something done on your PC, only for it to keep freezing or crashing. There may be no reason for it, but after you have restarted the computer it may occur again. The causes of this fault can be similar to something like a virus or it may just be that your operating system needs an update.

Unresponsive Keyboard or Mouse

It may be an issue with the hardware itself, maybe it’s a fault mouse or keyboard, in some cases, it could also be a fault USB socket on your laptop. The simple cause will just be the settings on your system, or you may need to fully update the mouse and keyboard response system.

No Response from your Computer

This is the most frustrating problem for most customers, due to there being no error messages, there’s nothing, it’s as if the desktop or laptop computer has died. If you have a laptop then it could be a faulty battery, if it’s a desktop then it could be a lot more complex. Whatever it is, there’s no need to worry, our expert PC repair team has got you covered. Get in touch today, PC-dial-A-Fix is here for you.