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At PC Dial A Fix, we offer a honest, reliable and affordable high-quality PC repair services throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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     Broken laptops & PCs

    You can bring your broken computers and laptops to our computer shop in Bristol. Or if you’re unable to bring your device to us, we also offer a collection service. Call for further details.

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    Our team of dedicated computer experts will diagnose, advise & repair your broken device. We are able to fix computers of any brand, model, or operating system. Pop in to our computer shop today.

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    At PC Dial A Fix, there’s no need to worry as we’ll provide an extremely quick turnaround service so you won’t be without your devices for a long time.

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    At PC Dial A Fix our team of qualified experts aim to provide only the best products and services. We’re renowned for the services we provide across Bristol and the surrounding areas. So when you choose us, you can rely on a fast, professional diagnostic and maintenance service at an unbeatable price. Feel free to pop in to our computer shop today

    Our Services

    Computer Repairs

    At PC Dial A Fix, our computer and PC repairs cover a range of issues including overheating, screen repair, screen replacements, virus repairs, slow running computers and computer system cleaning. We provide repairs to a number of modes, ages and brands. We can also provide computer upgrades, so you can increase the memory capacity of your computer easily. Give us a call or come down to our computer shop in Bristol.

    Laptop Repairs

    At PC Dial A Fix, we can diagnose and repair your broken laptop, this includes screen repair and screen replacement, keyboard replacements and we can also fix broken power jacks. Simply contact us today to find out more about our laptop repair services in Bristol.

    Laptop Screen Repairs

    Whether it’s for personal use or for work, laptops are an essential. A faulty or damaged screen repair through the manufacturer’s could take weeks. But at PC-Dial-A-Fix, we aim to complete your laptop screen repair within 24 hours for a number of makes and models, so you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

    Data Recovery

    Computer systems aren’t foolproof and sometimes data does go missing and most of the time, this can’t be helped. But at PC Dial A Fix, we’re data recovery and data warehousing experts and guarantee that you’ll retrieve your missing data, and if we can’t, you won’t be charged. Simply bring your pc or laptop down to our dedicated computer shop today.

    Network and Internet

    There’s nothing more frustrating that having trouble connecting to your router. Or are you having problems with your wireless printer? Don’t worry at PC Dial A Fix, we can help, we provide support for a range of internet or networking issues. Our team of dedicated experts are always ready to connect with you to discuss solutions.

    Virus Removal

    Has your computer recently started lagging? Are you getting frequent and annoying popup message? It’s possible that you may have a virus! At PC Dial A Fix, we can help you to identify and remove any existing computer viruses and also prevent any potential computer threats that could occur.

    Find out what our customers think…

    Had an issue with my laptop and these guys sorted the problem in no time. A swift and friendly service. If I have any further IT problems, I will definitely give PC Dial a Fix a shout first. A big thumbs up!
    Darryl Maidment
    21:56 06 May 22
    I emailed a few places for a repair needed on my MacBook - Andy was the fastest of to reply to me initially and to reply to any of the follow up emails, and gave me a range of options for different types of screen replacements he could do that other places did not offer. Repair job was done perfectly, highly recommend!
    Lucy McManus
    23:06 04 May 22
    Andy responded to my plea for help and sorted out my thorny tech issue quickly for a very reasonable charge. I will be back for sure, when the next problem crops. Personable and personal service at its best!
    Peter James
    18:03 22 Apr 22
    Andy replaced my hard drive on my laptop after my computer stopped working. He kept me up to date with his progress throughout. He diagnosed the problem and fixed my laptop super quickly. I dropped it off on a Saturday and had it back Monday morning. Very reasonable price as well, you won't find anywhere cheaper. Thanks Andy!
    Laurel Carrington
    15:27 15 Feb 22
    Very nice man served me. The work was completed days sooner than expected. The price was very reasonable and he did a great job.
    Meimei Leigh
    14:52 09 Feb 22
    Andrew was kind and helpful. Fixed well and quickly.
    Kelly Davies
    19:02 06 Oct 21
    Ultimately a failed repair, but great comms and professionalism throughout. Recommended.
    Phylly Alexander
    19:10 05 Jul 21
    Great service provided by Andy. He fixed a problem with the wi-fi on my laptop quickly and for a reasonable price. He kept me fully informed regarding what was happening with the repair and when I would get the laptop back.
    Mike Toy
    08:09 25 Jun 21
    Dropped my laptop off for repair was given updates by text regarding the repair and when it was available for collection. Good value and quick service. Would definitely recommend
    Stephen Angel
    14:21 10 Apr 21
    Highly recommended service. Andy did a fantastic repair job on our 7 year old laptop which is now working as well as when first purchased. Repair and upgrade of laptop to Windows 10 was all done quickly and at a very reasonable price. Thank you 🙂
    David Miller
    18:47 07 Apr 21
    Had an issue with an old PC (around 6 years old), took it into Andy and we went through what might have gone wrong. Andy said could be a number of things and he would take a look the following week. Messaged me back to say the Motherboard had gone and it would be unviable to fix due to the age. Andy took the hard drive out for me as I have a hard drive dock and didn't charge me a penny. He disposed of my old PC as he might have some use in time of the parts which I was more than happy with. I would have no hesitation recommending PC Dial A Fix and Andy, and, if I have a problem again with my PC this is my first port of call. Great company and person.
    11:10 14 Mar 21
    Friendly and professional service at reasonable price. Andy fixed my laptop very quickly and kept the cost of fixing down as per my request. I would happily recommend them and I will definitely get back to Andy I'd I ever have an issue with my computer.
    Procolo Tetsa
    13:42 02 Nov 20
    Very helpful and knowledgeable guy dealing with my repair.
    Collyn Roberts
    20:44 19 Oct 20
    Went in for a laptop screen replacement which was done to a high standard and ended up £20 less than was originally quoted. Had to ring up to see if it was ready rather than be told it was ready, but happy with the overall service
    Anthony Gudgin
    09:00 26 Aug 20
    I had my laptop fixed here, really fast and friendly service, great value for money. Easily my go-to place if something happens to my laptop.
    S. Str Sy Bst
    12:46 16 Aug 20
    Excellent service. Fast, cheap and my laptop is like brand new. Very pleased indeed.
    Becs Andrews
    14:03 05 Aug 20
    Andy was super kind and helpful. He replaced my faulty drive within 3 days of me bringing my laptop to him and even went above and beyond with some recommended improvements to make it faster and keep it running for longer. Great service! 🙂
    Danielle Miles
    16:28 21 Jul 20
    Fair prices and fast service, diagnosed and repaired my laptop in a couple of days. I will definitely be going back with any future problems.
    Charlie Taylor
    10:23 20 Mar 20
    Good service. I had two laptop screens repaired, both look as good as new. The work was done very quickly, within a day.
    Aydin Mallender
    13:22 13 Mar 20
    Very friendly and efficient service. Would definitely recommend.
    Joe Nash
    11:02 06 Mar 20
    Andy was very helpful and got the job done quickly, for a great price. Really pleased with my good as new laptop 🙂
    19:08 02 Mar 20
    Great company and excellent service! My battery went on my laptop and Andy replaced it very quickly and with no issues, very reasonable price too. Definitely recommend.
    09:45 18 Nov 19
    Good service and fair pricing. I would thoroughly recommend Andy. He is very knowledgeable and works fast.
    Ariane Lang
    16:32 16 Oct 19
    Andy was excellent, didn't blind me with computer speak, and he fixed my lap top very quickly, at a competitive price. Would defiantly use again!
    Fi Lewis
    13:56 17 Sep 19
    Thanks to Andy he sorted out my power switch problem quickly and easily. Fast and friendly service, highly recommended.
    Daniel Gill
    20:24 26 Aug 19
    Great service. Quick and reliable. Recommended.
    Tony O'Rourke
    20:59 14 Aug 19
    Perfect customer service. Laptop touchscreen was cracked and my back casing had disconnected from hinge. Here it only took a week and a half and was a really good price to replace. Recommend PC Dial a Fix highly.
    Michael Weir
    09:21 13 Aug 19
    Very friendly and informative. Fixed my desktop quickly, provided insight on the issues and also gave a very reasonable price. Best repairs in Bristol for sure, would go again.
    Marieta Strezova
    09:23 25 Jul 19
    I poured a cup of tea into my laptop and Andy was persistent in trying to find ways around the problem. He kept in regular contact and found a solution where I don't think others would have. It was all a great experience!
    Nathalia Gjersoe
    07:10 28 Jun 19
    Cracked my new laptop screen. First person who looked at it kept it a couple of days and said they couldnt fix it because they couldnt get the screen and also couldn't separate it for the fix. Took it here and within a few hours got a call to say they could get the screen. Had to wait for it to come in but i had my laptop back with a new screen in under a week. Also gave me a small discount which was great. Thanks Andy!
    22:22 13 Jun 19
    Broken screen sorted very quickly. Always kept updated with details. Very pleased.
    Michael Tomsett
    17:40 29 Apr 19
    Andy was really professional and fixed my MacBook really quickly and charged me £200 less than what apple quoted me. Will definitely recommend pc dial a fix to friends. Thanks Andy!
    Lizi Shaw
    08:49 17 Apr 19
    Great service, my PC was shutting down randomly and he completely fixed it despite there initially being no real indication of the cause. I'd definitely go to him again the next time I break something
    Helena Liesse
    17:52 18 Mar 19
    I left a water damaged laptop with Adrian to fix. He tried to fix it without changing any major components. After finding the motherboard having water damage he quoted me a price for it and the labour. I decided the laptop wasn't worth repairing and left it with him to be used for parts. He's up-front and transparent about the damages and the costs. I would highly recommend
    Stefan Spita
    12:13 18 Feb 19
    Apologies for taking a couple months to put this review on; I asked Andy about doing a review, not the other way, him encouraging me. Andy successfully repaired my 8 year old 15 inch Macbook Pro. This was back in late October/early November. I can confirm it is still working fine and the price paid was a fraction of a significant Apple certified repair company I used 18 months ago. Andy is likeable with an unassuming manner, when I asked him to email me with the cause of the problem and what he did to remedy the fault, he gave a detailed account of the actions he carried out. I was pleased with his thorough reply. The last thing I want to say is that his repair shop is easily accessible from my town of Thornbury, come off junc 3 M32 and enter via St Philips Causeway/Days Rd., 20 mins.
    Gary Hannyngton
    15:24 02 Jan 19
    I was effectively explained the issue with my laptop and got it back as good as new in only a few days!
    Annabelle Flores
    17:55 12 Dec 18
    I have found over the years positive -swift work from Andrew solving any issues or problems that I have had. I am Very Happy with the Quick services provided and more than expected with the speed matters are resolved.I recommend for a reliable and affordable Service without a doubt
    tracey bee
    21:35 02 Dec 18
    HONEST. FAST. RELIABLE. -- Andy was absolutely a gem. My computer was just acting up, probably overheated and didn't want to turn on again for a few days.It suddently started working again just fine. He checked everything and only charged me a song and a dance for all his time spent checking and trying to re-create the issue.He could have easily charged me more, or stuck a new label on my CPU and said he had replaced it -- but he didn't. This guy is honest and really great.
    Kasey Naví Phifer
    12:13 29 Nov 18
    Fixed/replaced my AC power jack in less than a week, and also fixed the hinge and repaired some water damage. Professional service, fair and reasonable pricing.
    T Lewis
    17:12 10 Nov 18
    Andy rapidly fixed my dead laptop screen. Friendly guy and reasonable price, highly recommended!
    Avril Page
    10:58 08 Nov 18
    Andy saved my live! I just could not get my PC to boot up. Andy sorted it - sorted it well, sorted it quickly and at a good price. With a couple of days I was up and running again. Good value, courteous, helpful service - thanks Andy!
    John Bishop
    12:30 06 Nov 18
    Extremely pleased with Andy's service and price. My laptop kept turning was a tricky problem to fix and needed a new motherboard which Andy sourced and sorted for a very reasonable price. Very happy!
    Katie Long
    20:44 15 Oct 18
    Excellent service, managed to fix my laptop that I had almost written off as unrepairable.Would definitely use the service again
    Tom Fearon
    08:10 29 Sep 18
    An extremely fast and friendly service, Andy offered a lot of advice and was really helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for any type of PC support
    Vanessa Hay
    16:16 27 Jun 18
    I brought pc parts to build my first pc and found I was really not built to make it myself. After butchering the job I looked on google and found this place. I wasn’t sure if they would build my pc for me but they accepted the job and got straight to work. In a couple of days it was done and it was a fairly low price for how badly I had messed up
    Connor Sullivan
    20:43 24 Jun 18
    I had a problem with my dc jack port. It wasn't accepting any power and so my laptop wasn't turning on. He fixed it at a decent price. Cheaper than what was quoted originally. He fixed it quicker than anyone else I rang also. He's friendly, approachable and listens to your problems. I'll definitely use him again. Thanks again, its nice to have a working laptop.
    Amelia Warner
    13:12 24 Jun 18
    I brought my Mac in to Andy and he repaired it quickly and affordably. I would highly recommend this excellent and friendly service. It was beyond my expectations!
    Kimberley Le Blanc
    11:22 25 Apr 18
    I truly recommend PC-Dial-A-Fix: I broke my screen for all in one computer, it was very stressful because all repair places I talked to made me feel even more stressed out about it. When I reached out to Andrew he was realistic but also reassuring. He made his best to find the part needed and kept me posted through the whole process. He came home to pick up the computer and he also delivered it which was a huge help. I am so grateful not only for the quality of the costumer service as well as having my computer back and so well fixed! Thanks!
    Celia Dominguez
    11:24 14 Mar 18
    Brilliant. It was very fast (dropped Tuesday could collect it on Thursday). My laptop is now fully working like I wanted (the bug was caus by window defender so he had to uninstall windows 10, then back on windows 7 uninstall it too. Install it back, upgrade to 10, change few settings for windows defender.) Cheaper than leave it to Curry’s PC word and much faster... would recommend 100%.Thank you !! Charlie
    Cha V
    12:56 11 Mar 18
    Andy replaced my hard drive and solved all of my software issues within a couple of days ago. The communication was excellent throughout the couple of days it was being fixed and the price was very reasonable for what it was. Would definitely recommend to a friend !
    Dylan Allen
    17:46 28 Feb 18
    Fantastic service from a knowledgeable professional at a very reasonable price. Will definitely be back if I need to. Fixed my laptop in a few days for much less than I was quoted elsewhere when I thought I was going to need a whole new machine. Didn't try to up sell and I didn't lose any data.
    Leyla Eroglu
    20:06 06 Feb 18
    Andy repaired my Macbook keyboard. I was very impressed as he opened up early so I could drop it off on my way to work and had it good as new by the time I had finished work! Thanks!!!
    Tiffany Kibblewhite
    12:36 03 Feb 18
    Andy very quickly took over my broken PC (a Windows Blue-screener....), and it was back working fine within 36 hours exactly when I needed it back - and he gave me 3 months warranty on the fix for peace of mind at no extra cost. He also gave me good antivirus advice! Thanks Andy!
    Phil Murray
    16:58 23 Jan 18
    Andy was very helpful and offered some useful advice on how to manage my PC. They were very efficient at fixing my desktop and gave a very reasonable price.
    Sam Findlay
    12:25 23 Dec 17
    Andy returned my phone call straight away and he was really helpful and conscientious . He listened carefully to the problems I was having with my aging laptop and checked everything thoroughly. He was very clear about my options for repairs, and the costs involved. He also gave me lots of useful information about what to look for in a replacement if I chose not to go ahead with the repair. I would definitely recommend this business.
    Anh Thi Lê
    21:15 18 Dec 17
    Great pc repair service, sorted out my laptop's overheating problem quickly and for a very reasonable price. A friendly, knowledgeable staff member explained the issue clearly and was happy to talk through my other laptop questions. Very happy to have found them, I'll definately use them again and recommend to friends
    Lou w
    19:52 07 Dec 17
    The service from Andy was swift and he was very helpful in solving my laptops power problem. Will be heading back if necessary.
    Jamie Donaldson
    12:38 07 Jul 17
    Got me out of trouble, fast and well priced. Really grateful and impressed. On a Bank Holiday too! Pro - tip , if you are taking a computer too them, they are at very end of Salisbury St in old School House building. You have to get out and be rung in.
    gwyn sul
    06:52 02 May 17
    Andy was really helpful getting some USB ports repaired on my my sons laptop. Great communication throughout and pricing is very competitive. Thoroughly recommend.
    Stephen Carpenter
    09:20 18 Feb 17
    Really nice guy that works there and helped fix my laptop. Constant communication throughout. Highly recommended!
    James Hinton
    23:33 13 Feb 17
    Andy expertly replaced the broken power jack on my laptop and did some general maintenance. Everything works fine again. Very good and fast service!
    Oliver Zobay
    10:49 28 Jan 17
    Andy was very helpful and informative and didn't take long at all considering he had to completely open up my laptop and solder my DC jack. Great customer service. Will definitely be going back if my laptop ever needs repairing again 🙂
    Iah Banfield
    17:52 27 Jan 17

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