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Computer and Laptop Overheating Services in Bristol

There are four main reasons to why a laptop will overheat:

  • Faulty cooling system
  • Problems with the laptop fan
  • Built up of dust on the heat sink inlet/outlet
  • Thermal paste breakdown

In comparison to a desktop computer, a laptop is very small and contains delegate and minute parts. Therefore there are a number of reasons why a laptop would overheat. As the laptop parts are all compact it has very little breathing space, causing the laptop to overheat very quickly. If the laptop reaches high temperatures other components could start to become defective.

How can I tell if my laptop is overheating:

  • Laptop fan is working at high speeds
  • Laptop fan is making irritating loud sounds
  • Laptop is getting unbearably hot that it burns when you touch it
  • Laptop turns off randomly (Not always caused by laptop overheating)
  • Laptop slows down over long periods of time

What should you do next…

  • Turn your laptop off
  • If need be use your laptop, but do not use for long periods of time. This could cause more damage.
  • Give us a call and we can help.

How to stop your computer from overheating

Keep your system away from vents and windows
Consider the place where your computer is, is it in a warm place? Make sure that your system isn’t near a heat vent or in a temperature-sensitive area, often changing the location of your system can help to keep it cool.

Give your system some breathing room
Take a look at where you computer is positioned and remove any obstacles that could restrict the airflow, for best performance you’ll want to leave two to three inches of space on all sides of your computer. You can also take a look at your computer desk, does it relegate you system to an enclosed cabinet or drawer? If your system is in an enclosed pace, it faces the risk of increased overheating.

Close your systems case
While it may seem counter-intuitive, an open case doesn’t help regulate internal temperatures, it does the opposite and will restrict them. A closed case will help your stay cool because it will reduce the impact of dust and debris on the cooling fans. Too much dirt will make your fans slow down or quit working altogether, cases are designed for effective air handling and with fans with proper intake, you can maintain the reliability of your system’s components.

Clean your fans
Dust and dirt can cause lots of problems when it comes to the first line of temperature defence for your fans, when you open your case, you should be able to find several fans. Just power down your computer and use a canned air duster to help remove the dirt from each fan, you’ll want to avoid using vacuums when cleaning because the static they produce tends to do more damage than heat.

Upgrade your CPU fan
The CPU is arguably the most sensitive components inside your computer and it also has the highest potential to overheat. Most CPUs come preinstalled with lower-end fans that are engineered to cool your processor just enough to keep in running and nothing more. You may want to consider upgrading to a better CPU fan which will help keep CPU temperatures down, it’s important to keep this in mind, but your CPU fan can only cool to the lowest temperature in your case, regardless of how well designed your CPU fan is.

Add a memory cooling fan
Memory is one of the components in your system that’s most likely to overheat, help keep temperatures down, especially when overclocking, by helping to eliminate dead spots of airflow within your systems memory area.

Having more issues with your laptop? Making sure you are properly caring for your electronics is the best way to lengthen their lifespan! Check out our handy blog for our top tips for maintaining your laptop!

How we can help!

Our services include taking the laptop apart, cleaning the fan and cooling system from any dust. Apply new thermal paste and reset the CPU and GPU. Checking the circuitry to ensure the correct voltage is pushing through. We will then perform dynamic tests to ensure that the laptop does not overheat.

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