Should I Upgrade My Computer Rather Than Buy A New One?

There are many questions you should ask yourself when thinking about upgrading your personal computer. As a computer gets older, installing updates and operating systems can become increasingly difficult, and in some cases, impossible! From slow-loading programmes to a distinct lack of storage, there are many factors that come with the question “Should I upgrade my computer or buy a new one?”. Click here to find out more about computer upgrades in Bristol.

What Kind Of Upgrades Can I Get For My Computer?

The best and most easy way to upgrade your computer is to upgrade the storage and memory drives. You can also upgrade other components of your computer, such as the motherboard, the fans, video cards and the processor. Some of these are a little more difficult than others so you should always consult a certified expert before you attempt them yourself. Visit our page for more information.

Upgrading Your Computer Memory

One of the easiest upgrades you can do to your computer is to upgrade the memory. You would usually do this upgrade if you are having trouble opening new tabs or such like. It could also be that you find it difficult to move around large files and documents. To install new or simply add more to what RAM (random access memory) your computer already has, will alleviate some of your issues. Your system will only allow you to add a few different kinds of memory so always check with an expert before you do anything.

Upgrading Your Computer Storage

At some point, we have probably all had the message “Not Enough Storage” flash up when trying to save some images, videos, or music? If so, it just means that you could do with some extra storage space on your computer. If you have a hard drive, this can be upgraded to a solid state drive (SSD), which will give you more storage space, less data fragmentation, which is common with hard drives, and faster reading and writing for a better user experience. 

Other Computer Upgrades

As mentioned above, it is possible to upgrade other components of your computer. However, you should always check for compatibility as the costs could end up too high to warrant such upgrades. If you are unsure about which upgrades you should try, get in touch with our friendly team here and we will be happy to help and advise in any way we can.

Can We Help?

Upgrade or buy new? That is the question and we will give you the most honest and helpful advice to help you make up your mind. PC Dial A Fix was built on honesty and giving all of our customers the best value for money. For computer upgrades in Bristol, call today and one of our trusted members of staff will be happy to help.

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