Keyboard Replacement

One of the most common parts that get use a lot is the laptop keyboard unfortunately over time your laptop keyboard may suffer from wear and tear, caused by heavy tapping on the keyboard, fault keys, food or any foreign matter embedded in between the keys, spilled liquids (tea, coffee or any type of liquid).

How to deal with a liquid spill

If you spill liquid on your keyboard immediately unplug it from the mains and if you can remove the battery as quickly as possible, reducing the risk of electrical damage.

Turn the laptop upside down, reducing the risk of liquid reaching the motherboard. Use a cloths or paper towel to wipe up as much of the liquid as possible, leaving it to dry out for a day.

If it was coffee or fizzy/fruit juice after drying out, it may leave a corrosive residue which can shorts out the wiring causing some keys not to work.

Bring your laptop in, you may not need a keyboard replacement, we will exam the laptop to see the extend of the damage and clean up the corrosive residue.

Loose or Missing Laptop Keys

You can buy single keys for your laptops, loose key usually just click back on, but sometimes the plastic that holds the key in place can get broken.

Keyboard cost varies from manufactures and model type but the cost is generally from about £8+. If you must eat and drink by your laptop, you can buy  a laptop keyboard cover skin protector which is washable, dustproof, waterproof and help reduce the wear and tear of your laptop.

The best advice is to bring it in to the work shop to get it professional clean and check. the long term effect of liquid/ corrosive residue , even water, is one day you turn the system on and nothing happen. now you may need a new motherboard, which is very expensive.