Laptop Power Jack Repair

A dodgy power jack on your laptop can be frustrating at best, and at worst potentially disastrous if it lets you down right when you need that important document off it or can’t get to your email. While not really a moving part, laptop jacks do come in for quite a bit of abuse during everyday use, getting pushed or tugged on, wiggled this way and that – putting a great deal of stress on relatively lightweight mountings.

If you’re getting intermittent charging or have to position the power lead in just the right position to get it to work, the chances are that one or more of the connections on your power jack have started to break free, so call us and let us fix it for you. We can repair or replace laptop jacks on almost any make and model of laptop, so whether you have a Sony VAIO, Toshiba, HP, Apple, Asus or any other brand, our technicians can take care of it. We have a solid reputation for providing IT solutions in Bristol for individuals and businesses of all sizes – dedicated to affordable repairs at every level.

Whether your power jack is completely broken or on its way out and causing concern – we’ll have you up and running in no time. Bring it to our workshop in Bristol and your laptop power jack can be fixed in just a few hours, or call 0117 2306609 for a free quote and to organise collection from your home or work address.