Computer Runs Slowly | Reasons For Vista And XP

When your computer starts slowing down, it can be one of the most annoying and frustrating things possible. You need your PC to be running at its optimal level, especially if you are using it for work. If you are currently using Windows XP or Windows Vista to gain access to the internet, you could be experiencing a much slower computer than the one you originally bought. There can be many reasons for a slower computer experience.

Below are a few reasons, that our team here at PC-Dial-A-Fix have developed as to why your computer runs slowly, these are signs that you may need help to make it a fine-tuned machine once again.

Virus, Trojans Or Malware

Viruses, trojans and malware are often the main culprits for a Windows computer that runs slowly. These issues usually occur when the user doesn’t have any professional anti-virus software installed onto their computer and if they did they have not to check on it and update it. you should also install an anti-spyware program, ( ie, Avast or AVG for your internet security and Superantispyware or Malwarebytes as your anti-spyware program) you may think these programs slow your system down, but that not true and this virus will stop your pc from working. When on the internet, your first line of defended is your browser, so you should keep it up to date and use an adblocker, (defender is lightweight and work on all browsers) to stop pop-up. always remember while on the web your system is up to all kinds of dodgy programs and software that can damage your software and steal your information. Be careful when downloading files and folders from unknown sources. File sharing sites are often the leading cause of these problem programs getting around. you can download free internet security from

Fragmented hard Drive

A very common reason why a computer runs slowly is that it has become fragmented or you may be running out of space. Files are generally stored on your hard drive and are filled up using the available sectors. As the files are saved and removed from the hard drive, the sectors may become scattered. As time goes on, the hard drive has to spin much harder to get through each and every sector. It needs more time to find the right amount of space in each sector to store your files. Your computer slows down as it takes far longer to perform these tasks. When using your XP or Vista computer, try to conduct defragmentation as often as possible so that your hard drive is running at its optimal capacity.

Too Little Ram

Random-Access Memory or RAM is the memory that most of your computers applications are stored under when they are running. Don’t confuse yourself with hard drive space and memory space. When you shut down, everything that was running through your RAM is lost, unlike when using your hard drive. If you are trying to run a very advanced application on your computer and it requires more RAM than you have, it will use up some of your hard drive space.  This is also known as “swapping”. This could mean that your computer runs slowly.

Wireless Connection

Using a slow wireless connection can cause your computer to run slowly. Also known as Wi-Fi, it usually means that too many people are trying to access the internet through a single Wi-Fi spot. It could also be your wireless card that is attached to your computer. Make sure that it is up to date and isn’t causing issues. Lastly, check the router for issues. Oftentimes old modems cause problems with connectivity as they cannot handle the advances in technology.

If you need help with your slow computer, be sure to get in touch with our team today.